Hook, Line and Ginger was established in 2014 by then 19 year old Cornish designer Alice Moore. Hook, Line and Ginger first specialised in knitted, felted, embroidered and crocheted products with the Cornish landscape being a main source of inspiration. Now, 6 years later the rolling Cornish hills and the picturesque Cornish coastline is still a fundamental motive behind the ideas and designs of Hook, Line and Ginger. In 2020, Alice completed a Textile Design Degree where she specialised in woven textiles, the passion Alice developed for this craft positively impacted the future of Hook, Line and Ginger which now solely focuses on woven products with a forward focus on sustainability which you can find out more about on her blog.

After moving out of her childhood home, Alice now lives in a small Cornish village with her boyfriend Connah, their Lizard (Liz) and their two cats (Dolly and Bertie). From a young age Alice has always been passionate about animals of any kind, this is another aspect that inspires the colour palettes of Hook, Line and Gingers original fabrics.


Woven on a Louet Megado loom, Hook, Line and Ginger prides itself on making handmade quality products with a range of audiences in mind. 


Designers Statement

Weave ignites an indescribable passion inside of me, from the outset of creating a colour palette to the finishing stages of washing and pressing the cloth, the entire journey of this discipline engages my whole being.


Colour is an intrinsic element of my work, I find inspiration from the simplest of things around me, whether it be the subtle green hues of Cornish fields or the vivid hedgerow flowers. The natural environment is always reflected within my designs. 

The rhythmic process of weaving has proven beneficial for mental well-being, taking part in this practice allows me to experience a sense of flow. Flow is a theory developed by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, it is a state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter, happiness closely correlates with this theory. 

When I am weaving, a sense of accomplishment, happiness and enjoyment flood my body. It's so crucial to enjoy what you do as this will ultimately reflect in the work you produce and the outlook your audience gains on your business and products. 

Through Hook, Line and Ginger I aim to create contemporary designs through the use of fresh colour palettes and natural yarns. I also enjoy reflecting the ancient craft in sympathetic ways by using traditional weave structures and hand finishing techniques. The combination of old and new techniques allows my work to be unique, original and identifiable. 

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