If you enjoy reading then you're going to love this brand new collection of handwoven bookmarks, each one is 100% unique so you'll never see two the same. 


The summertime dusk chevron bookmark combines shades of yellow, pink and orange which have been combined with a soft neutral brown. Pure new wool has been used to handweave the front of the bookmark which has been paired with a red upcycled cord back. The handmade wool tassel has been made using leftover yarn from the weaving process.


Designed, handwoven and hand finished in Cornwall.


Front: 100% Pure New Wool

Back: Upcycled Cotton 

Tassel: 100% Pure New Wool



3.8cm x 19.5cm (excluding tassel) 

1.5" x 7.7"

Summertime Dusk Chevron Bookmark